The school session starts w.e.f. 1st of April and ends on the last day of March

Summer Timings

Monday to FridaySaturday
7:45 A.M To 1:45 P.M7:45 A.M To 10:45 A.M

Winter Timings

Monday to FridaySaturday
8:15 A.M To 2:15 P.M8:15 A.M To 11:15 A.M


  • Every Saturday and the last working day of the month will be a half day for students only.
  • Meeting teachers/entering class rooms without prior permission of the principal is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited on school premises. In case a mobile is required by the student then parents must seek written permission from the Principal.
  • Parents can meet Teachers on Parents teachers meetings and on every Saturday between 10:45AM to 11:15 AM in summer and 11:15 AM to 11:45 AM in winters.
  • The parents can call the teachers between 5:00P.M-6:00 P.M only. (in case of emergency)
  • A half day leave will be permitted by the principal only. (In case of emergency). In this case, prior information should be sent to the class teacher. Your ward will be handed over to the parents only.